Power Resources

Mainly in the United States and Canada, the business scope includes electricity, power infrastructure and transformers.

Power station mergers and acquisitions possible, greenhouse agriculture energy supply.

Power infrastructure

Mainly focus on power resources fields such as new energy power generation, UHV power transmission and energy storage.
Expand new energy business, deploy green and low-carbon industries, and enrich the company's business types and market layout

Power Transformer

Provide a full range of power transformers, related components and parts, energy-saving power transformer to reduce no-load loss and the highest load loss value under specified test conditions.

Greenhouse Agriculture Energy Supply

Electricity can be used for lighting and the overall load of the greenhouse. It can also be delivered to the grid, creating an additional source of income;
The heat generated will be used to heat the greenhouse or converted into chilled water for cooling and dehumidification, while the carbon dioxide in the exhaust gas can be used as Fertilizers to promote plant growth.


We have accumulated rich industry market experience.
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We can be effectively applied in your industry sector.

Diversified high-quality customer groups
Professional team, sophisticated service, excellent quality
Provide 24/7 operation guarantee

North America layout

Relying on our industrial strengths, we promote the industrial layout of power resources in North American. Our digital solutions provide long-term and reliable assurance for your investment.